What is Raptor Safari?

Raptor Safari is a journey of one raptor and his trusty sidekick: A 4x4 Sport Utility Vehicle. His mission? To run down prehistoric brethren in the past to harvest them as taco meat for the future. Or something like that. Actually, forget it. Here's the important part: You're driving around in a badass 4x4 as a monocled raptor doing stunts and killing things. This is the most amount of fun ever recorded in the history of man or raptor.

An all new Raptor Safari game rebuilt from the ground up!

Snag early development builds of the game by pre-ordering!

An HD visual overhaul, including never before seen environments.

Don't let the future go hungry!

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Who's Behind Raptor Safari?
Flashbang Studios

Flashbang Studios is an independent video game developer, founded in 2003 to independently develop video games. Every morning the sun rises in Tempe, Arizona, and three gentlemen can be found behind keyboards and monitors typing endless lines of code and scribbling away on tablets. Who are they, and what keeps them going? They have been given a divine mission to bring the world a game that will push the boundaries on what it means to kill raptors, and they will complete this mission at any cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from the original Raptor Safari?
This is Off-Road Velociraptor Safari HD, baby. This ain't your grandma's raptor killing game. All new environments, a complete visual overhaul on all of the graphics, and a whole lot of stuff to do. The original Raptor Safari was just a training mission compared to what we have in store for you now.

Wait--"HD"?? What happened to "Raptor Safari 64"?
We are torn on the name! There was an internal dispute, settled with a fight to the death. So now we're going with "HD", because we think it's more clear about what we're trying to accomplish, and also we need to find somewhere to ditch a body.

What happens if I already bought the original game?
If you already bought the original Raptor Safari then we have some good news for you! You're already pre-ordered! You get all access to the new HD builds, and a copy of the final release version when it's ready. Thank you for supporting us ahead of time!

When is Raptor Safari HD coming out?
Expect the game to be out sometime later in the year. The "year" being 2010. Late 2010.

What platforms will Raptor Safari HD be released on?
This will be answered in the near future. Stay tuned!

Is there still a free version I can play?
Of course! The free version is currently located on Facebook. There are some links on the site to it, but in case you missed them: here you go!

What's the difference between Flashbang Studios and Blurst?
Flashbang Studios is the name of the company, and Blurst is our portfolio of experimental games. So Crane Wars, Minotaur China Shop, or Time Donkey are considered to be Blurst games made by Flashbang Studios.

Do I get a copy of Raptor Safari HD with the Blurst Bundle Pack?
Why yes, yes you do! What are you waiting for?

What's the deal with the drop down menu to donate extra money toward Raptor Safari Development?
If you feel so inclined, you can donate some extra money toward the development of Raptor Safari. We'll reward the faithful at some point (t-shirts, printed deck of Raptor Tips, etc)...

Will there be a T-Rex in the game?
Probably not, but if we get 1,000 pre-orders the raptors will dye their feathers pink.

Do raptors feel pain?
Only emotional pain, like the pain they feel from knowing that their destiny is to evolve into puny birds. You'll be doing them a favor by running them down and turning them into tacos. They like tacos.

What killed the dinosaurs?
The Ice Age!